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While washing your property and belongings removes soot and smoke stains and might alleviate smoke odor, you certainly need a more deep cleaning to remove it entirely. 

At Smoke Damage Restoration Folsom CA, we understand the value of hygiene. Therefore, we sanitize your belongings to ensure maximum cleaning.

What Are Sanitization and Disinfection?

Sanitization involves removing or reducing the bacteria on any surface. Smoke particles carry strains of bacteria that aren’t visible to the naked eye. 

On top of that, the fire extinguishing team sprays certain chemicals that need to be removed. 

Washing your belongings after smoke damage may make them visibly clean, but there could be bacteria lingering on them. For this reason, it is crucial to sanitize and disinfect surfaces to target any pathogens hiding deep within the surfaces.

Benefits of Sanitization

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Any kind of cleaning has its benefits, and there are no two ways about it. The same goes for sanitization; it comes with several health benefits. Whether you experienced smoke damage or not, disinfecting and sanitizing home surfaces is advantageous. Here’s how.

Improves Home Odor

Whether it’s your home or your grandparents, homes have a specific type of odor. This springs from bacteria and dust on your home surfaces. 

Although it is improbable to get rid of all kinds of odor, you can eliminate those that stem from unique bacteria, pathogens, and dust. 

Sanitizing your home time and again makes your property smell better. 


Kills Pathogens

Quality sanitizers remove bacteria, viruses, and fungi from your surfaces. These microorganisms are hazardous for your immune system and promote several health issues. 

Fortunately, sanitizers and disinfectants target all pathogens and bacteria, making your home clean and bacteria-free. 


Decreases Allergies

If you’re allergic to dust, there’s no reason not to sanitize your home frequently. Dust mites could be hiding in your furniture, floors, and windows. 

Not only does sanitization targets dust mites, but it also inactivates bacteria, promoting hygiene. So, if you’re prone to seasonal allergies, disinfecting your surfaces is a must. 


Reduces Respiratory Problems 

Dust and bacteria-build up in your property cause respiratory problems. Even worse, if you already have asthma, it’ll be exasperating. 

You must sanitize your sofa, chairs, tables, windows, and kitchen surfaces to ensure proper hygiene. 


Helps Immune System

Indeed, bacteria, pathogens, and dust are harmful to your immunity. COVID-19 outbreak has taught us life lessons about the importance of strong immunity.

A weak immune system becomes more prone to colds, viruses, and infections. Your body’s ability to fight these bacteria drops significantly. 

Sanitizing home surfaces, especially the places you typically sit on or sleep, is critical to your overall well being. 

That said, Smoke Damage Folsom CA ensures sanitizing your property and belongings to kill bacteria and pathogens emerging from smoke and soot damage.

Our Sanitization Process

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Because no two bacteria and pathogens are created equally, we use different sanitizing materials to ensure maximum cleaning. 

Our team removes all the damaged materials from your property. There is no point in sanitizing burnt and broken items because they are irreparable. 

Nonetheless, we intend to restore your items that have been damaged slightly. We begin by washing your belongings and proceed with sanitization. 

However, not all belongings are washable. For this reason, we use dry cleaning methods to clean your carpet, bedding, drapes, and furniture. 

Once cleaned, our team uses top-notch sanitizing products to target bacteria and pathogens. Here’s what we sanitize and how we do it. 

  • We dry clean your carpet, vacuum it and sanitize it using advanced techniques and cleaning products. Note that our sanitizers do not contain hazardous chemicals that can cause potential harm.
  • Our team disinfects your home windows, furniture, doors, and kitchen countertops. This eliminates bacteria that stems from smoke particles. 
  • We also disinfect your electronics and cell phones. These are the gadgets you come in contact with several times within an hour. Therefore, we ensure to remove bacteria that could be lingering on them. 
  • Our team disinfects your clothes, bedsheets, towels, bedding, and curtains. 

Granite City Smoke Damage Experts aims to offer quality services without burning a hole in your pocket. Therefore, we do not charge extra for sanitizing services. Instead, they are a part of our cleaning services during restoration.